Executive Brief                by Rev. Maurice L. Butler

This page will present a series of presentations and dialogs to share with students of our Academy the Information Technology and Digital Media landscape as it relates to trends and career opportunties that exist throughout the U.S. in various sectors of the workplace.  

Student Handout- February 15, 2021

The lesson today focuses on the changing IT landscape (click icon to download material). Please get familiar with a few words/terms we will discuss to include:

  • Digital Transformation (DX)
  • Technology-As-a-Service (TAAS)
  • Hybrid Work Environment

Student Handout- February 22, 2021

Attached you will find a brief report that provides some insight into the types of IT jobs companies are hiring for and the description of the skills required.   Please use this guide as information only and continue to research and ask questions about trends in the IT industry that will prepare you for your next or first career.  

Student Handout February 17, 2021

Today, student are asked to take a look at the IT Occupation landscape from the views of the Federal Government, U.S. Department of Labor Statistics and The Computing Technology Industry Assoiation (CompTia) a leading voice and advocate for the 5$trillion dollar global information technology ecosystem and the more than 50 million industry and tech professionals.  

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