We are preparing the next generation of technology professionals and leaders to transform communities of faith, nonprofits and underserved neighborhoods leveraging the power of Information and Digital technologies… 

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DX Tech Academy offers instructor-led project-based courses that equip learners with practical technology skills needed to deploy, operate and manage digital and information technology systems and solutions that support ministry and mission goals of faith organizations.   We were established specifically to teach individuals and teams how to serve the “Church” and faith-rooted nonprofit organizations as professional digital transformation and information systems technologist.

Serving the Church Today Requires a New Set of Skills

Just as secular organizations need a well trained workforce equiped with certain technical and technology skillsets, the Church and nonprofits also need workers with similar skills to support ministry and mission activities and programs required to effectively serve a diverse and complex society.  Our training programs and courses are designed to equip workers with skills and tools that empowers them to effectively lead and serve using 21st Century tools and resources that provide greater efficiencies and capacitities over past generations.    

Church Management

Learn how to use technolgy to manage the administrative functions of the church in areas of finance, facilities and events management, record keeping and worship planning.

Digital Evangelism

Technology enables evangelist to spread the Gospel more broadly to reach and engage  audiences in distant places.

Develop Online Christian Ed Programs

Learn what it takes for your church’ teaching  ministries to move instruction from physical to virtual online studies. 

Funding Technology Ministry through Grant Writing & Philantropy

There are other sources of funding and donations not just the plate.  Learn where!

Digital Media Planning

This course will teach church leaders how to develop a strategic digital media plan to include identifying tehnology, personnel and budget requirements for ministry. 

Social Media Strategies for Ministry

Learn how to select and use the most effective social media resrources for your ministry. 

Film Making and Video Production for Ministry

Learn how to plan, produce and create engaging stories, messages and promotions with video technology.

Live Stream Broadcasting

Worship Services and programs can extend well beyond the sanctuary walls.  Learn steps to broadcast to web, mobile and TV Apps. 

Knowledge Experts Wanted

Teach What You Know….

If you are a skilled technology professional, the “Black Church” needs your help!  DX Tech Academy is an Online Teaching and Learning platform ideal for those who are experts in various technology disciplines who have an interest in sharing knowledge with others. We invite you to consider joining us as a Virtual Instructor capable of teaching digital communications and information technology courses to adult learners that are working in different capacities within the local church or nonprofit.

Learn by Doing


This is a hands-on/project based Academy designed to teach learners how to align technology solutions with real ministry/mission goals and objectives.

For Church, Ministry Leaders, Staff Members and Others…

We invite you to take a course(s) in our Academy that will prepare you to professionally provide the technology support your ministry or church organization needs to improve and or enhance the level of ministry provided to defined constituencies.  Our courses are designed to empower and enable everyone to be successful ministry technologist,  whether you are responsible for administration or operations within your ministry setting, you are introduced to the right technology tools and resources to effectively carry out your work with the highest level of proficiency and excellence.  Students will learn by doing. 


Our instructors will Teach you How To:

  • Master Church Management Software and the various functions and features built into the solution.
  • Integrate multiple technology solutions
  • Build Databases to track and manage valuable contact info.
  • Design and Build engaging websites for ministry
  • Properly manage social media sites and content
  • Create Mobile/ TV  Apps for Ministry
  • Film, Produce and Edit Video Content
  • Create Films and Video Content around Ministry Ideas and Mission Programs.
  • Use Analytics for Research and Outreach from Web and Social Media sites.
  • Build Technology Ministry Teams with Staff and Volunteers.
  • Fund Technology Ministry Programs with Grants and Donations.
  • Monetize Technology Projects to Generate Sources of Revenue.
  • Establish an Online Christian Education Learning Center.

                      and more…

Move Your Church Ministry into the 21st Century

Church leaders learn how to build viable Virtual Ministries to Expand Reach and Engagement of Current and Prospective Followers

The digital age of technology enables church ministries to extend worship, evangelism, outreach and education programs more broadly providing access to messages and information through multiple digital mediums including web, mobile and TV apps.  We offer courses that teach you how to integrate various platforms, applications and devices to broadcast productions and events to audiences anytime and anywhere live or on-demand. 

Achieve your goals

Whether you are a church leader interested in learning more about technology, an aspiring or developing technologist, DX Tech Academy will offer courses to help you acheive goals.

Our Learning Mangement and Collaboration System powered by Blackboard offer students the experience of learning through multiple modalities.   Our Knowledge Experts will deliver courses designed specifically to help each Learner achieve his/her specfic goals at the pace and most praticial and effective approach to learning.   

Why Use technology in your church to enable communication, community and discipleship.

From its inception, the Church has been at the center of global innovation trends (like the ones mentioned above). Paul used the newly invented Roman Road system on his early missionary journeys. When people needed healthcare, the Church invented hospitals. When people needed to become literate in order to read the Bible, the Church started schools. Gutenberg invented the printing press to mass-produce the Bible, setting the stage for the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation.

Even into the 20th century, Pope Pius XII was saying, “The Church welcomes technological progress and receives it with love, for it is an indubitable fact that technological progress comes from God and, therefore, can and must lead to Him.”

Billy Graham used television to enlarge the audience of his crusades. Millions have heard the gospel through those broadcasts. But Graham didn’t stop there. Nearly every aspect of his ministry was impacted by the technological progress of his day. He instinctively understood its significance, too.

“It is time for the Church to use technology to make a statement that in the midst of chaos, emptiness, and despair there is hope in the person of Jesus Christ.”  – Billy Graham –


The World Wide Web has been with us for 30 plus years. It has undoubtedly changed the way we live, but it has also had an unprecedented change on the local church.

Technology has changed so much so fast. Some have said the church during the time of Abraham Lincoln (1800s) had more in common with the first century church than it does with church today, due to the advances and shifts that have occurred in the last 100 to 200 years.

Here are several ways the internet has forever changed the church and how it functions. Some of the changes have been beneficial, others have not, but they all impact the way we view church in the 21st century as church/ministry leaders.


Websites are now the “front door” to your church. Most people will visit it before they ever step foot on your campus.


Online giving allows members to contribute even if they forget their checkbook on Sunday morning.


Blogs allow the pastor to communicate and teach throughout the week.


Instead of having their complaints contained, disgruntled church members can now send out a Facebook message or even start a blog to share their feelings with everyone.


In-depth relationships may be harder to cultivate in real life due to some forming more shallow online relationships.


Virtually all of church history is at your finger tips, as a Google search can bring up original documents from Church Fathers, Reformers and Great Awakening evangelists.


You can now carry the Bible with you at all times on your smartphone through a host of responsive Bible apps.


Podcasts enable the teaching ministry of a church to reach more easily into the homes of their members and benefit others around the world.


The phenomenon of online church has challenged pastors and theologians to consider what exactly constitutes a church.

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